• best ambulance beckley wv
  • best ambulance beckley wv
  • best ambulance beckley wv

Best Ambulance is the clear choice for medical transportation in Raleigh and Fayette counties. We offer the following ambulance services:

  • Dialysis transports
  • Hospital discharges
  • Nursing home transportation
  • Out-of-State transports
  • Inter-facility transfers (C3-IFT)
  • E911 Coverage (RALEIGH COUNTY)

Our stations are strategically located in such a manner that we can easily access Interstate 64, the West Virginia Turnpike, the city of Beckley, Oak Hill, Fayetteville, and many surrounding rural communities. Best Ambulance maintains a reserve number of stocked ambulances, at our corporate office, so we may flex our capacity to answer additional call demands. This methodology allows us to be efficient and effective, while still meeting the customer’s needs.

Our highly trained staff is always ready to assist you with your transportation needs. Contact us to discuss how we may best assist you. Remember, you do have a choice in your medical transportation service.